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Wrapping service

Wrapping service

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If you would like wrapping, please add this to your cart as well.
There are also some notes below, so please read them all.

1st image: Wrapping image 2nd image: Sealing stamp image
*Objects other than wrapping are not included.

There is only one type of wrapping.

The black paper bag is decorated with Shinatomy's original ribbon and sealing stamp.
Great as a gift for someone, or as a reward for yourself for your hard work.
Why not add a little color to your usual shopping?

Please feel free to use it.

*Please note that wrapping is currently only available for accessories and cannot be wrapped for clothing such as T-shirts.
*Please note that the color of the ribbon and sealing stamp will be random.
*Although it is not included in the wrapping, a delivery note is included in the delivery box. Please be careful if the destination is the recipient of the gift.
*If you wish to wrap each item separately, please select the number of items.
*When wrapping all items in one package, the number of orders is 1.
*Please note that we do not provide carrier bags for delivery.
*If you are purchasing a wrapped product and a regular product, please let us know which product you would like wrapped in the notes section.

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