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Shinatomy original long T-shirt

Shinatomy original long T-shirt

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[ Shinatomy Original T-shirt ]

Japanese ver.
A T- shirt that is an original Shinatomy item .

The name Shinatomy is simply printed on the left chest .
The back is decorated with a logo filled with Shinatomy characteristics such as a heart and hands.
Since it is a unisex size, it can be worn alone or layered .
Create your own color through T- shirts.

Model height :
175 cm ( 1st to 3rd picture)
163cm (4th to 5th photo)
167cm (6th photo)


Size: Free size ( XL equivalent)

Length 77
Width 58
Shoulder sash 52
Sleeve length 64

[Product details]
100% cotton
Fabric thickness: 5.6 oz
Printing method: inkjet

Items used:
Shinatomy original T- shirt
rib necklace
skull handling

The items used are only those that are available at Shinatomy .
* The 1st to 3rd and 6th T -shirt images are samples, and the actual T -shirts are the 4.5th . There is no change in the size of the T-shirt itself, but the logo size is smaller than the sample. please note.
* As shown in the 4th image, when you receive it, there are marks from the press machine and processing agent left on the fabric due to printing. Please note that this will disappear after washing. ( It will disappear after at most 3 washes.)
*Due to the processing agent, there may be some odor upon delivery.
* We do our best to make the product photos as close to the actual color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting, the settings of your smartphone, PC , or other monitor, the lighting in your room, etc. .
* Although we use the same method for measuring the size, there may be a slight error ( approximately 2 to 3 cm ) .
*Size is measured by the actual size of the product when placed flat.

English ver.

This T-shirt is an original Shinatomy item.
Shinatomy's name is printed on the left breast.
And it is decorated with hearts and hands of Shinatomy logo on the back.
It's a unisex size so it can be worn alone, or in layers.
Your own color through T-shirts.

Model height:
175cm (first image~third image)
163cm (fourth image to fifth image)
167cm (sixth image)


Size:Free size(about XL)
body length 77
body width 58
shoulder width 52
sleeve length 64

100% cotton
fabric thickness:5.6oz
printing methods:ink jet

*The first image, third image ,and sixth image are sample photos.The actual T-shirts are in the fourth image and fifth image. There is no change in the size of the T-shirt itself but the logo's size is smaller than the first .Please be careful.

*We try to match the actual color as closely as possible to these images. but this likely results in different colors from the actual items, due, for example, to the lighting during photo-shooting, monitor settings (smart phone, pc, and so on), and room lights.

*Size measurements are standardized, but errors may occur(around 2cm~3cm).
*As you can see in the fourth image, there are some marks left by the press machine and treatment agent on the fabric when you receive it. This is due to the printing process. Please be assured that these will disappear after washing (after 3 washes at the most).
*There may be a slight odor upon delivery due to the treatment agent.
*Size is measured by placing the actual size of the product on a flat surface.
*If you have any questions about the item before purchase, please contact us on the Inquiry page.


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