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heart pendant

heart pendant

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[Heart pendant]
Shinatomy select accessory
A very special item with a heart drawn inside the plate. It has a unique design that is rarely seen.
This is an item that the shop owner also really likes.

As you can see in images 5 and 6, I am addicted to the mini heart necklace described on other pages. You can wear it alone, buy a pair and change it up to match your fashion, or wear it with someone else, so enjoy it the way you like.

Size :
chain 52cm
Top length 4.1cm. Width 2.4cm

Items used:
heart pendant
* The items used are only those that are available at Shinatomy .

*The items used are only those that are available at Shinatomy.
*We do our best to ensure that the product photos are as close to the actual color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting, the settings of your smartphone, PC, and other monitors, the lighting in your room, etc. .
*Although the size measurement method is standardized, there may be a slight error (approximately 2 to 3 cm).

*This product is imported from overseas, so there may be slight differences in size due to design and individual differences. Please purchase only if you understand that you will not be able to try it on.
*In addition, due to differences in the inventory storage methods of local manufacturers and suppliers in each country, and due to long-distance transportation or air transportation of individual items in each country, the product itself may have minor scratches or stains. please note that. If you have any concerns about the product before purchasing, please contact us through the contact page.
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English ver.

This item is very special because it has a heart on the plate.
It has a unique design.
A shop owner also likes it.

Chain 52cm
Top length 4.1cm. width2.4cm


*These items are currently available in Shinatomy.
※ We try to match the actual color as closely as possible to these images.but It's likely different colors to actual items for example, depending on the lighting during photo-shooting, monitor settings (smart phone, pc, and so on), and room lights.
*Size measurements are unified, but errors may occur(around 2cm~3cm).
*This item is imported from overseas. Size and design vary slightly due to individual may differences.Please understand that before purchasing.
*Also, due to differences in inventory storage methods of local manufacturers and suppliers in each country, as well as long-distance and air transportation of single items in each country, the products themselves may have minor scratches, stains, etc. Thank you for your patience in advance.
*If you have any questions about the item before purchase, please contact us from the Inquiry page.

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