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finger ring stand

finger ring stand

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[Finger-shaped ring stand]
A finger-shaped ring stand.
This is the work of an acquaintance of the owner of Shinatomy.
(The name of the activity has not been decided yet, so we plan to create a dedicated page as soon as it is decided.)

An acquaintance of mine did the 3D modeling himself, then printed it out with a 3D printer and cut it into shape one by one. Because everything is carved by hand, this item is one of a kind in this world.

Not only can you use it to decorate your ring, but it will also look great as an interior decoration.

Available in 2 sizes: large and small. Good to use alone, or as a set and display the pairings side by side.
Why not make it a part of your daily life?

*Only the white (unpainted) version is listed on the mail order site, but the skin colored (painted) version is also available for sale in person.

【Product Details】
Size (including external dimensions and base)
width: 3.2cm
Depth: 3.4cm
Height: 9.3cm

width: 2.9cm
Depth: 3.0cm
Height: 8.2cm


Material: synthetic resin

*Size of the ring used in the image
1st left: No. 13
1st right: No. 16
7th photo: No. 13
8th photo: No. 13

*This product is printed by a 3D printer and then shaped by hand one by one. Therefore, there may be slight differences between the image shown and the product you receive. note that.
*We do our best to ensure that the product photos are as close to the actual color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual product depending on the lighting, the settings of your smartphone, PC, and other monitors, the lighting in your room, etc. .
*Although the size measurement method is standardized, there may be a slight error (approximately 2 to 3 cm).
*Please note that the ring that comes with the ring stand is not included.
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English version
[Finger ring stand]

This ring stand is shaped like a finger.
It was created by a friend of Shinatomy's owner.

They performed 3D modeling and shaping for each stand,
making them truly one-of-a-kind items.

These stands not only serve as a display for your rings but also make a stylish addition to your interior decor.
They come in two sizes: large and small. You can use them individually or get a pair to showcase your rings side by side.
Incorporate them into your daily life and enjoy their unique charm!
*Currently, the online store only offers the white (unpainted) version, but the face-to-face events also include the skin-colored (painted) version for sale.

[item details]
Size (external dimension)

width: 3.2cm

Depth: 3.4cm
Height: 9.3cm

width: 2.9cm
Depth: 3.0cm
Height: 8.2cm

Sizes of rings used in the images
1st picture (left): 7.0 US
1st picture(right): 8.5US
7th picture: 7.0US
8th picture: 7.0US

Material: synthetic resin

*This item is 3D printed and then carefully shaped by hand, which means there may be slight differences between the product you receive and the one shown in the images. Please kindly understand this possibility.

*We try to match the actual color as closely as possible to these images. but this likely results in different colors from the actual items, due, for example, to the lighting during photo-shooting, monitor settings (smart phone, pc, and so on), and room lights.
*Size measurements are standardized, but errors may occur(around 2cm~3cm).
*If you have any questions about the item before purchase, please contact us on the Inquiry page.

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