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[Boo!Do collaboration] Twin necklace

[Boo!Do collaboration] Twin necklace

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[Twins necklace]
This is a collaboration item between Boo!Dodo and Shinatomy💀
I think many people like this charm, which resembles the skeletons of Siamese twins, even though they are enthusiasts.
In addition to its impressive size, the neck and torso are separated, allowing it to sway. It is also made of lightweight material, making it very comfortable to wear.
An unlikely Siamese twin necklace. Why not welcome it into your home?

【Product Details】
Charm height 7cm width 3.8cm
Chain 46.5cm (with adjuster)

[What is Boo!Dodo? ]
A creator who creates works that look like a toy box turned upside down🎪
Called ``Boo!Do in Your Town'', he is currently holding small solo exhibitions while traveling with his works packed in a trunk.
Why not get lost in the mysterious and strange world of Boo! (Surprise) and DoDo (Dodo Bird)?

Various SNS:
Twitter @BooDo85547753
Instagram @kuroyann1119
Official mail order site

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【Twin necklace】
This product is a collaboration between Boo!Dodo and Shinatomy.
Siamese twins is evolving a unique and intriguing atmosphere that appeals to many.

With its impactful size and the separate movement of the head and torso, it sways. Made from lightweight materials, it offers a comfortable wearing experience.
This necklace featuring the rare concept of Siamese twins is both familiar and extraordinary. Why not consider bringing it into your fashion?

Size: length7cm×width5.5cm

[What's Boo!Dodo]
This brand offers a diverse range of items that resemble an overturned toy box, created by a talented artist. 🎪
Known as "Boo!Do-do in your home town" (Japanese: Boo!Do-do in your town), the artist conducts small solo exhibitions. These exhibitions are filled with numerous works packed in a trunk, traveling from place to place.
Boo (surprise) and DoDo (bird) combine to create a world where surprises and the mysterious coexist.
Why not immerse yourself in this enchanting and peculiar world?

Twitter @BooDo85547753
Instagram @kuroyann1119
Online store

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